Uruguayan Dating Culture

Uruguayan Dating Culture

To get yourself a gorgeous Latin girl is the dream of many men around the world. Of course, they beckon with their unearthly beauty and wonderful character, they are stunning wives and caring mothers. But, like any other country, Latin America has its cultural customs and traditions that apply to all spheres of life of local people. Of course, you don’t need to know all of them and follow them but understanding the main trends will give you a significant advantage when meeting girls and will allow you to quickly find a Latino with you.

Uruguayan Dating Culture

Uruguay Dating – True and False Stereotypes

Let’s begin with stereotypes. There are many of them. Let’s look at what is being discussed is true and what is false.

Favorable Climate

The height of winter is in July, and summer is in January. But the air temperature does not fall below +12 °C. Therefore, you can come here at any time of the year, in any case, you will find yourself in comfortable climatic conditions.

Narcotic Paradise

Uruguay is one of the foremost countries in the legalization of cannabis. However, this does not mean at all that it is sold here in any store. Buying marijuana even for locals is a serious quest, and for tourists, it is generally prohibited.

Meat Eater’s Country

Indeed, locals love meat and many eat it in huge quantities. Here you can also find many restaurants offering chic meat. But the number of vegans here is also growing steadily, so when going to Uruguay dating do not forget to clarify the taste preferences of your companion.

Uruguay Is a Little Argentina

Do not go with this thought on a date with a local girl. Yes, these countries are neighbors and have much in common, especially in Rio da La Plata, but do not confuse these states. These are completely different people with their traditions, lifestyle, and culture. You will offend the girl if you consider her country as “mini-Argentina”.

Sloth and Football

Locals are often called lazy, although they do not consider themselves to be such. They just live relaxed and enjoy it. Did you plan a meeting for a specific time? Most likely, it will take place much later than the appointed time.

This does not fit with the fact that Uruguayans are one of the most active football fans in the world. Any family during matches of their favorite team turns into a cuddling crowd. But locals love not only football. Ask your darling, most likely she is crazy about rock climbing or kitesurfing.

Danger at Every Turn

It is believed that all of Latin America is full of criminals. And any dark alley should be avoided. Uruguay is one of the safest countries in South America. It is second only to Chile on its continent.

Uruguay Dating Rules

It is also worth touching on some important traditions of this amazing country. Knowing the main ones, you will leave yourself a lasting impression of a date. Also, applying this “in practice”, you will not need any Uruguayan dating customs, your girl will be delighted because the locals adore their country and culture.

Drink a Mate

But do not just surprise the girl, but show that you know how to drink it. Be sure to demonstrate the dexterity in handling calabaza and bombilla. The use of mate brings people together, they drink it only with very close people or with those with whom they plan serious relationships. So, you understand the idea, right?

Carnival Mood

If you came to Uruguay in February or March, then there is a great chance to see a truly original sight – a carnival. Visit tablados with a girl and take part in a great carnival trip. You will not be able to stand still when a bright and cheerful madness will pass around you to the frenzied rhythm of Candombe.

Asado – as an Option for a Date

Asado is, in theory, a fried meat dish that is cooked on the grill. It is very popular in Latin America. But in reality – this is a whole ritual that has its important features. Everything is important here – from the technology of fire ignition and the correct bonfire’s formation to the order of meat supply. Moreover, in the family, this is by no means done by the wife but only by the husband.

Tortas Fritas – Cozy Snack

Did it rain suddenly on your street date? Find a cozy place and stock up on local tortas fritas. They cook very quickly and are often sold on the streets, flavored with spices, sugar or various sauces. Bad weather becomes much nicer with every bite of such a cake.

Street Shopping

Which girl will refuse to go shopping. Uruguayan women are no exception. And who will refuse to visit cozy trading shops and small markets where you can buy everything from food to clothing. During festive periods, sales are also easy to find here, just like Black Friday in America. But the most important thing is that shopping here creates a mood because each seller will gladly give you a chance to try out a product or enjoy the aroma.

Comparsa Connects!

Before entering into marriage, try to take part in a local mass drum procession together. This is a very exciting and massive event. You can either play along with the locals on drums, or dance to loud and rhythmic music. It brings people together and reveals it.

How to Meet an Uruguayan Girl

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You can find love at any age and in any country. Try to follow our tips, and your life will change for the better!

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